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"Mighty Filmmakers" is a social network that empowers filmmakers from all walks of life.

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What People Say

"I thoroughly enjoyed a stimulating and interesting afternoon, meeting so many enthusiasts and even getting the prospect of a couple of jobs! Thanks, Asatuurs for organising it."

Shirley Jaffe (A Clockwork Orange)

“ Very pleased to have found this group - nice bunch of people, easy atmosphere, and the information was clear and to-the-point; I definitely came away with a better understanding of camera settings than I went with (and I finished a 2-year college course in this stuff, so how is that?!)"

Ewart Shindler

“ Learnt such a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time. Very friendly and laid back approach that made me feel comfortable and interested. Looking forward to meetups in the future! ”


Join us today! Let's work together in creating a community of active filmmakers of the future.

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